Welcome to Siltless

Siltless Deep Sea Dive was founded by Mr. Jason Gillo in response to “Fill the Gap and Demand “ for better dive education and diving exploration needs of the diving industry.

With the growing diving public all over the world, witness the commercialization of scuba diving education and diving. Getting into shortcuts in exchange for profit and quantity, in result we get several low quality, incompletely trained certified divers diving the world. We all know where will these lead us to,

After years of diving the world from the deep offshore oil fields of the middle east to the most pristine tropical waters of the most luxurious places, Mr. Jason Gillo, decided to call Philippines Home and Headquarters for Siltless Deep Sea Dive Center, where there is 365 days of diving all around.


What we can do for you

Dive Courses

Whether your requirements is to explore purely on recreational mode or to the full mixed gas technical range, We can take you there!

Dive Exploration Trips

From simple leisure shallow dives on a luxury resort to the unfounded or seldome seen dive sites, We take you there!

Recommended Dive Gear

Two major dive equipment suppliers we endorse 'SubGravity'. Of course we also welcome consultation on equipment ownership to the demanding divers.

Kayak / Canoe Long Distance Sea going Seminar

Non Certification course designed by Jason Gillo alone, to cater to those special hard to reach areas for paddlers, swimmers, most of all Divers who will venture out into shallow waters, where boats will not be able to access at all. This course also promotes a silent approach to a whole new diving platform for divers.

PSS Courses

PSS stands for Professional Scuba Schools, founded way back in the 90’s by genuine educators, Dive explorers themselves ,originating from Italy, passionate in starting a better training system for the diving community thus, giving way to the “ evolution “ of the overall make up of scuba diving in an excellent learning platform available for almost everyone in the world.


PADI Courses

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world's largest recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. "The Way the World Learns To Dive"


Recommended Dive Gear

We accept special orders for this gear